Wise Owls



Our Wise Owls and Pre-School children follow a daily routine linked closely to the E.Y.F.S. Framework.  

This promotes an environment in which each Childs individual needs are met, and they can thrive in a friendly, loving atmosphere.

The children's day begins with self registration, where they are encouraged to find their "Ladybird name" & stick it on the leaf at the entrance of the room. This is to help support & encourage the children to recognise their name as part of school readiness. 

Following this is "Morning Circle Time". 

The children enjoy greeting each other in several different languages and discuss the days of the week, date and month. The children are given the opportunity to discuss what they have been doing & any news they wish to share with their peers. 

Throughout each day, story time and sing a long sessions encourage language skills, whilst robust play, both  indoors and out, together with regular dancing sessions promotes physical well being.

Children have access to a wide range of exciting activities to challenge and stimulate them, including role-play, mark making, messy and creative play and baking. There are regular opportunities for free play, and areas set aside for quiet / rest time.

At the end of the day “Afternoon Circle Time” gives each child the chance to reflect on the days activities, discuss what they particularly liked / disliked, and share any news from outside Nursery with their friends.

Our current topics are "The Bear Hunt" which encourages the understanding of the different stages in a story and "Height" where we have been measuring the children & are incorporating the story of "Jack & the beanstalk".


By providing Homelink books, we encourage parents involvement in their childs progress both in and outside of Nursery. Children can document what they have been doing by drawing or having photos taken and then discuss it with their peers at Nursery.

With the help of parents, we often use their connections to get visitors into the Nursery from the wider community. 

Our topic “people who help us” saw visits from a local nurse and doctor, a policeman, a dentist, and the local fire brigade!

We use our Nursery people carrier for trips which enable us to link topics within the Nursery to the real world outside! The children enjoyed a trip to Chinatown in Liverpool when learning about Chinese new year, to Chester Zoo when doing animal related topics. Sometimes it’s just a quick trip to the local library for a special story time, or a trip to the woods to collect autumn leaves to create a collage.

Our annual school leavers “Graduation Ceremony" and traditional Nativity Play are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed by all concerned.

Wise Owls and Pre-School children also have the opportunity for extra activities:

-Weekly French Sessions – With la jolie ronde

-Weekly Swimming Lessons - With Angela, a qualified swimming instructor at a local hydrotherapy pool.